Creating solutions for every phase of community development.

When we look at a land tract, we see an opportunity. And we have the expertise and network to create the best and highest use for a development project. Our experience spans every part of the real estate process, from land acquisition to final-stage sales. Having sold more than $1 billion in assets, we know what makes a successful project.

Developers - Builders - Buyers Venn Diagram
Community Development at Heirloom Landing in Mt. Pleasant

Community Development

We assess a land tract, conduct feasibility studies, and determine the best use for the highest return.

Land Acquisition

Our expertise and relationships allow us to see the potential and identify the right buyer.

Builder Programs

We’ve worked in many new home neighborhoods. That experience helps us bring in the best builder for a project.

Start-Up and Close-Out Services

Early and late-stage sales are the toughest for home communities. We’ll develop a strategy to kickstart sales or close those final few homes.

Build On Your Lot

Finding the right builder is difficult. And it’s a critical relationship to ensure development success. We’ll identify which builder in our network is best for your project.

General Brokerage

We’ve sold thousands of homes. So, we see problems or issues before they happen. 

Building the Southeast

We started our careers in the Lowcountry, but our expertise and network span the Southeast.

This map shows many of the communities we have previously been involved in.

The Preserve at Palmetto Fort

Coming Soon

Daniel's Orchard Townhomes

Coming Soon

Community Development

We work closely with landowners to determine the best and highest use of land. We conduct feasibility studies and use our network to identify the right builders, work through local government on zoning and establishing utilities, and create a sales and marketing plan. And when issues arise, like environmental considerations, we’ll create a solution.




Product Determination
Business Development
Sales and Marketing Strategy

Do you have an upcoming community in need of services like this? Contact us and see how we can help.

Edwards Place watercolor home rendering
Hibben at Bell Hall Site Sign
Playground equipment at Hibben at Bell Hall

Land Acquisition

Through years of working with builders and developers, we’ve learned to identify ideal land purchase opportunities. We take the burden off landowners by leveraging our network to find the right building partner and develop a plan for a profitable venture.

Consultation for Highest and Best Use of Property

Due diligence services

Let’s work together to find the best solution for your land acquisition.

Awendaw Village Site map
Heirloom Landing aerial photo

Builder Programs

In real estate, relationships are everything. And our team is connected with builders throughout the Southeast. So, when it’s time to assemble a team for a new development, we can reach out to the perfect builder. We know which crews have the right skill set for specific projects and what it means for the community’s success.

Carolina Park Sales Center

Start-Up and Close-Out Services

The first and final sales are the hardest. Our team can work closely with you on a marketing and sales strategy for closings, whether it’s the first home or the final few. Our team helps fill the gap in your project’s staffing, to help keep your project moving and on-time.

Two story elevated custom home

Build On Your Lot

You’re going to work with a builder for months, possibly years, on your plans. The relationship you have with them is one of the most critical parts of the process. We’re connected with many builders in the region. We’ll assess your project and determine the right contractor to support you. And if a problem arises in the future, we’ll be there to help.
Neighborhood view front the front porch

General Brokerage

We’ve sold more than 10,000 homes. That kind of experience lends itself to seeing issues before they happen. And we know the right time to list or put in an offer. We’ve worked with many clients to buy or sell a new home and we look forward to working with you.

“I have had a chance to get to know Robert on many occasions and I say without a doubt that you are dealing with a person of good moral character. Robert operates with integrity, and never has a bad word to say about anyone. He is hard working and dedicated and is committed to serving the people that he works for with the utmost professionalism.”

Lisa M. McTeague, Ph.D.

You're in the right place.

We’re connectors. Matchmakers. Problem solvers. Regardless of what you need in real estate, we can help. Reach out to us and you’ll hear from Rob or John directly. We’ll kickstart the conversation to see what we can do for you.